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Weaving Art and Innovation

In the vibrant world of Shahini Fakhourie, fashion transcends mere apparel – it's a canvas where art, innovation, and heritage intertwine. Our brand story is a rich tapestry, woven with threads of creativity and a deep connection to both ancient techniques and cutting-edge technologies.

We believe in fashion as ...

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Sustainability Mission

We are dedicated to excellence in design, production, employee rights, and environmental sustainability at Shahini Fakhourie. Our commitment to sustainability is rooted in our founder's personal values and dedication to responsible fashion. We firmly believe that fashion can be exquisite without causing harm to ...

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Shahini Fakhourie is a luxury streetwear design brand in Miami, channeling music and art into fashion. From captivating illustrations to show-stopping styles fit for commanding a stage, and unique accessories, our brand represents a fusion of creativity. Entering the industry as a black woman-led, high-end ...

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It is known that dreams are the seedlings of realities. As you inch closer to your reality, Shahini Fakhourie is here for those moments when you outwardly reflect who you are boldly, ethereally. Born out of music, art, and fashion we are here to outfit the wardrobe of the collective creative: musicians, artisans, artists, shower-singers et. al. Shahini Fakhourie is on brand with your rock star vibes. In its fullness, the collection is pure roots, rock, reggae. Just as each of us is never fully formed, we are always evolving. Shahini Fakhourie is here to evolve alongside the ebbs and flows of both your dreams and realities, making the evolution ever fierce. 
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